Starting Your Family Search-Organize Family Keepsakes Into a Family Tree

Many of us have attics and basements filled with keepsakes of our family. We look at old photo albums and yearbooks and think we should try to organize all our family pictures and documents and put them in one place. The older we become the more important our past and our family history becomes. We want to remember and treasure the knowledge we have and to learn more about our family tree. As you sit amongst the rubble of your family memorabilia you start to ask yourself, “how can I possible put all this in some kind of order”? What you need to do is begin a family tree. You will need charts and templates to help you know how to begin. They are easy to obtain from various websites. You may not realize it yet, but you have chosen to take on the task of being your family’s historian. In doing so you will have to decide on what information that you already know. Beginning with birth records for you and your immediate family. Followed by marriage and death records if applicable. When you have an idea of how you are going to begin and what knowledge you have already, you are going to start researching your family tree. Starting with grandparents and great grandparents is always best. With one side of the family at a time. Getting what information about them first in your research is best. The date and place of birth. Marriages if more then one. Date and place of death. Remember those old photo albums that may have given you the idea of a family tree in the first place. Gather all of them and start checking them for old pictures of relatives. Many times people put dates and the place the picture was taken. If your grandparents are from the WWII era, most likely you will find letters. During the war, everyone corresponded with a solider. These wonderful pieces of the past are full of information about where people were and what they were doing in that time. When finding old papers, photographs and letters take into consideration on how to preserve these valuable documents for future generations. The number one rule for any kind of genealogy research is how to organize all the bits of papers, notes, and letters you are going to discover in your search. It can be quite overwhelming at first when you are confronted with the mass amount of paper and document either you finds or people start giving to you as the family historian. It will be up to you how to keep certain records and which of them will be useful to your genealogy search. Then you will have to put them in files according to family and dates. When you start uncovering, more and more information about your family history, then you must decide if you want to go further and invest in a genealogy website or software program. If you want to do that then you must select one that is right for you. What kinds of family tree are you interested in doing. Many people want a very detailed record with dates and facts and names. Others enjoy the stories that go along with each generation. Some may have been exaggerated over the years but are still fun to hear about. Families tend to gossip, that is nothing new. Your job as family historian is to try to separate fact from fiction but still keep it interesting. You will have to acquire quite a few skills in your new position. Just the complying of all the paper work and filing it, then filling out your charts and templates to keep all your information organized. That is where sometimes is worth investing in a genealogy software program that can help you with all your research. What kind of family tree you end up with is entirely up to you. You should decide from the beginning of how deep you want to dig and how far back you intend to go. When it is completed, what form you want it to be in is another question. You can have it on book form, which is nice because you can leave it out for everyone to see. Of course, in the electronic age we live in, you can make it on a DVD and send out to your relatives. You can add voice and music and make a mini movie of your family tree. Which ever you decide the fact that you made a family tree for everyone to have generations to come are a wonderful accomplishment. The next family get together will be full of questions, stories and hopefully much laughter about your family. The best part for the younger members of the family is to learn what their grandparents and great grandparents had to overcome to make a life for themselves. Family trees are a great way to teach young people to respect their elders and to thank them for everything they have done to give them a better life.

Blog Your Way Back to Your Family and Friends

The term Blogs relates to diaries or logs of activity. In the year 1997 the word weblog became common and in 1999 the creation of the word blog evolved. It is estimated that in 1999 there were approximately 200 or so web diaries or blogs and now it is estimated at more than 60,000,000 worldwide and that figure is perhaps on the low side as well now. Blogs are popping up almost daily all over the world. Blogs are basically an online journal whether it is a news blog, a business blog or a personal blogs. They are also a place where you can share your thoughts or comments on the original posting or on comments of others who have posted comments on the blog. So you get to share your thoughts or opinion on any given matter pretty much or you get the opportunity to share your knowledge with others and learn from the experiences of others at the same time. Blogs can be fun and cover all manner of topics. There are numerous personal blogs giving people the chance to share their daily experiences or experiences throughout their lives. You can express your thoughts, your knowledge and your creativity among many other things. If you can think of a topic and you are interested in it you can make a blog or comment on a blog and if there are other interested parties they will, if locating your blog, comment as well giving you an on going dialogue relating to any particular topic. Often it is found that people have less and less time to stay in touch with friends or family and a personal blog can be a great way to keep your extended family in touch with what is happening and your and your families lives on a day to day or even minute to minute basis. You can post photographs as well as comments so your friends and family get the benefit of those as well. You can post the latest antics of your children or your family pets show your favorite shots of your family BBQ or holiday, or even post comments and pictures about your latest vehicle acquisition. You name it, in a personal blog you can put whatever information in that you wish. Some blogs are used as tools to improve website search engine optimization however generally a personal blog is not used for this purpose but more for entertainment and information sharing with friends family and other interested parties all over the world. Regardless of whether you are using your blog for personal use or business search engine optimization you must make sure that your blog comments are original and interesting. For personal blogs unless you are only wishing to reach your family and friends then do not include content that is perhaps too personal as other parties, who are not your family and friends, will also be able to view the comments you post and those of others and if you are not willing to share your thoughts and feelings with everyone then keep things a little less personal in the nature of content. To keep your blog interesting, and to keep your friends and family coming back make sure you include plenty of interesting information and photographs etc., as well as ensuring you are continually placing content on your blog. If your friends and family check one day and find that 2 weeks later the same content is showing and nothing new or of interest then they are going to consider you have no time to update your information and then probably they will not bother to check your blog in the future. You want even your friends and family to post comments and reply to you then you get the update on what they are doing as well as giving them information on you and your family. Personal blogs are fun. You can share many things and find and meet new people as well as get in touch and stay in touch with your family and friends. Not only that, you also get the opportunity to meet new and interesting people who perhaps will enrich your life further as well. Give it a try you may find a personal blog is just what you need to save you on phone calls and letter writing but so that your family can still stay updated with your life.

Does Drinking Coffee Increase Blood Pressure?

I take pride myself among my friends and family for leading a healthy lifestyle. My friends and family take a dig at me by saying that the Grande coffee which I drink daily from Starbucks is the secret of my health.

A friend recently told me to “watch out,” while at Starbucks the other day as I drank my coffee because her doctor told her that coffee can contribute to high blood pressure, or hypertention.

While telling this my friend was exhaling cigarette smoke. I don’t know whether her doctor told her that smoking is more dangerous than coffee.

why did he speak about coffee? As expected her doctor indicated that being over weight and smoking is contributing to her hypertension.

As of this post, there have been no studies to support evidence that there is a link between drinking coffee and hypertention.

It is only found that coffee can increase hypertension for a very less time and that too only slightly.

The blood pressure increased by coffee will also worn out quickly.

Some persons do smoking and drinking coffee together. The recent researches tend combine certain things like coffee and cigarette smoking and coffee and weight gain. Then do this mean coffee causes hypertension?

Does this mean that coffee causes hypertention? No – it is not coffee’s fault that some people cannot drink a cup of coffee without partnering it with cigarettes and/or over eating.

While I’m always excited to read about amazing results from people who’ve given up coffee and reduced their blood pressure, I’m even more interested in knowing what other bad behaviors where dropped when these people gave up coffee.

Over indulging is always dangerous. It suits for everything. In my case i only have a cup of coffee a day.

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My weight loss breeze program is suggested if you are suffering from obesity.

Shrink4men–what Is Wrong With Dr. Tara Palmatier

Like most cluster b people, Dr. Tara started out friendly and with empathy, yet now her blog has become a tool of her unkind personality to avenge anyone who dares say she is in the wrong, just like a cluster b woman would do. Dr. Tara’s smear campaigns also incorporate her eagerness to give personal information about the people who have protested her posts.

To make matters worse, Dr. Tara also has attacked affiliates on her blog, has make fun of NLP and Hypnosis, and even though she can be found leaving post on blogs that focus upon males seducing women, she also says she does not believe in “game”. One must question that if Dr. Tara truly doesn’t believe in hypnosis, then for what reason is she posting on seduction web sites, even going to the extent of making sure her name is spelled right?

Cluster b women are infamous for forming smear campaigns, and lots of of them are in the helping professions. It truly is a sad thing to see a so called professional in psychology attack women like this, and to use her forum and blog as a tool to launch smear campaigns towards people who don’t agree with every single thing she says. Borderline women can do no wrong, and cluster b women are exceedingly emotional. Dr. Tara is no uncommon.

It is also particularly unusual for a so called psychologist to undermine the significance of hypnosis because many psychologist use hypnosis in their private practices. Then again, Dr. Tara does not have a private practice so this perhaps isn’t important to her. Nevertheless, she is using her blog and forum more and more to begin smear campaigns that are stealthily aimed at attacking people. This is traditional textbook behavior. Shrink4men continues to state that her protesters don’t trouble her a bit, yet if she isn’t bothered then why is she writing weird and extremely creepy personal attacks against people who protest her? In one of her post, Dr. Tara was even trying to tell her readers where one of her protesters lived!

Cluster b women have the mentality of a two year old, and it would be nice to see Dr. Tara mature. People who assist her act brainwashed, never fully considering that the shrink4men is starting to display the exact same behavior patterns of cluster b women.Kiwihelen, a screwed up person who comes from a disordered family, is also a self proclaimed authority in psychology. Another chaotic member by the name of Shieldmaden uses the blog to post tedious post where she gossips about her husband’s private life and their divorce proceedings. By her own admission, Shieldmaden is a co-dependent woman, and her lack of boundaries show it in every way.

Many good resources on personality disorders are out there, so give the so called shrink4men a second thought before visiting her malicious blog.

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer and How to Get Started by Connie McKenzie

Many people may consider starting an online business for any number of reasons. Some reasons may include, helping to supplement their household income, spending more time with their family or finding a way to get out of that dead-end job they do not like getting up to go to each day. The quickest and easiest way to get started is by becoming an affiliate marketer.

By becoming an affiliate marketer there is little or no investment required and you do not have to have or create your own products or services. The merchants who you sign-up with give you the right to promote and advertise their products how you choose and for free, in most cases.

Typically, the merchant will provide their affiliates with the necessary tools and resources needed to promote his product or service. As an affiliate you use the resources, such as graphics, banners or text advertising and post them on your website or in your blog. If you do not have a website, check the resource box below for more information.

When a sale is made, you as an affiliate will earn a percentage of the total price. This amount is pre-determined by the merchant and is usually between 15%-75% of the products total price.

The first thing that you will want to do is get yourself signed-up as an affiliate marketer. is a good place to start, it is an affiliate network which hosts many affiliate programs for merchants at one website location.

There are several other popular affiliate networks that are also free and easy to join, Commission Junction, Linkshare, VIP Profits and Cash Engines. They each provide a full range of products and services for which you can choose from.

Locate a product or service on Clickbank that you would most like to promote, join their affiliate program, most are free. In most cases, they will offer instructions on how to get started, in order to help you succeed in becoming an affiliate marketer.

One of the most financially rewarding careers a person could have is affilitiate marketing. You could almost literally start on a shoestring budget and work your way up to a consistent and very decent income within a relatively short period of time. Some people have been able to earn thousands of dollars monthly just by selling products on Clickbank. Clickbank has hundreds of products to choose from and they also have a very good support system in place.

Due to all the competition online with people promoting merchants products, becoming a successful affiliate is not just as simple as throwing some banners and ads on your website. You will be required to have knowledge in your niche and put some effort into creating a good content based website. You will want your content and the products which you are promoting to be relevant to one another, so some planning and research will be required.

Some merchants offer two-tier affiliate marketing programs when you promote their products or services. Not only will you get paid for the one time direct sale, but you will also get paid a small percent in commissions for the sales which your direct sales members make. This can be a powerful and profitable plan and it also creates what is called “residual income.”

Residual income programs allow you to earn commissions monthly or annually just from making one sale. For example, by promoting a membership site you will earn a percent of the membership fee each month as long as the customer remains a member.

It is recommended by many successful Internet marketers that you promote a couple of products, which will allow you to earn residual income into your business.

Promoting residual income products or services is a more beneficial way of earning affiliate commissions, however, promoting a combination of both approaches is the best strategy when becoming an affiliate marketer.

Connie McKenzie is a part-time work at home mom who devotes herself to doing the things she loves to do most. Spending time with family and friends!

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The Life And Career Of Ewan Sheriff

Having always been keen on sports, Ewan Sheriff participated in football, golf, curling, swimming and rugby throughout his time at both school and university.

Mr Sheriff holds eighteen years of high-profile experience in the Commercial, Real Estate and Asset Management arenas, with high-exposure firms located in Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, respectively. At the end of 2009, having long held an interest in the Middle East and it’s business opportunities, Ewan Sheriff sought to embrace the regions richer and more balanced lifestyle for himself, his wife and his three young children. The Sheriff family relocated from Edinburgh, UK to Dubai, UAE in April 2010 and have never looked back. Mr Sherriff himself has embraced learning about a new legal system, and continues to enjoy the vast cultural and lifestyle offerings of the region. Being a keen sportsman, Ewan continues to root for his Celtic football team from abroad, as well as running, swimming and playing football in Dubai. He and his wife remain avid travellers and his family keen skiers.

The Dubai & Abu Dhabi based firm of Davidson & Co. Welcomed Ewan Sheriff to their team in late 2009, where he now holds the title of Partner in Corporate and Commercial Real Estate. Davidson is a leading-edge, United Arab Emirate speciality firm of western-trained lawyers, with in-house Emirati Counsel; a model which continues to increase market share. To date, Mr Sheriff has implemented key operational methodologies and Anti-Money Laundering Law procedures to instil the standardization of corporate wide activity. In keeping with his career concentration, Ewan continues to advise on corporate and commercial contract matters, UAE Vehicles of Incorporation, Commercial Real Estate transactions, Asset Management and Origination.

The credentials and standing of Ewan Sheriff as a true professional are in no doubt and he is often praised by clients and co-workers alike. Over the years he has become well known in the industry for his wide-spread knowledge in across several sectors and is renowned for his limitless dedication when it come to being part of a team. There are many examples of external praise and here is one example – a comment about Ewan made in the Chambers Directory from his time working in the UK..

Chambers Directory comment:
“The dynamic leadership of Ewan Sheriff has seen this Edinburgh-based team’s profile escalate dramatically in recent months – indeed, many sources believe that the practice “would be a pale imitation of itself without him.” The group is renowned for its representation of Irish investors in property acquisitions, but also handles leasing, investment, development and funds work and supports the firm’s superb corporate department. The team recently represented Belfast-based William Ewart on its £267 million acquisition of the Gyle Shopping Centre, near Edinburgh”

Christmas Celebration In America

Christmas is being celebrated in United States with a wide variation of customs and traditions. This can be observed on wonderful Christmas display, caroling, dazzling Christmas lights and lanterns on the side of the streets and even in shopping malls, buildings and other business establishments. For most American, Christmas is the happiest time of the year to have great times with the family, relatives and companions. It’s the time of giving and appreciation on the sacrifice of Jesus to the people.

Families don’t always have time to celebrate Christmas because it’s just once a year. Also, there are several means on how the families celebrate the Christmas season. In the United States, the celebration could be similar in other nations but there are also variations in other ways. The majority of families in United States celebrate Christmas with the exchange of memorable gifts and warm greetings and family visits.

American houses are decorated with beautiful Christmas ornaments like balls, mistletoe, strings and lanterns. In addition, the outside of many houses is covered with luminous and colorful lights that give shining glow at night. And the Christmas décor will not be complete without putting a Christmas tree. The tree is made of plastic materials but some families used real pine tree for added fun and thrill. It is frequently topped by a star that represents the star of Bethlehem. Children assist their parents to smarten up the tree with some great decorations.

Giving gifts to the people we love, whether small or big, is also part of the celebration to show our love and thanks to others. For families, gifts are often placed under the Christmas tree and the children will be astounded in the morning of Christmas day. Furthermore, children often time hang empty socks over the fireplace on Christmas Eve and as they wake up in the morning, they will find them full of candies or chocolates.

A special celebration with the family has also a important role in the Christmas celebration. A sumptuous dinner is being cooked and enjoyed by the families. No doubt, family members from near and far usually unite on Christmas Day for an annual gathering and holiday feast.

Caring for Family Members in Their Later Years

Although caring for aging family members during their golden years can be an incredibly rewarding experience, it can also be quite taxing. This is especially true when it comes to managing personal finances and ensuring your own financial health. As senior adults become increasingly dependent, many family caregivers are forced to take extended leaves from their jobs. According to MetLife, caregiving costs working Americans nearly $3 trillion in lost wages. Following are several strategies for establishing a plan for success as both a caregiver and in your own, personal life.

Don’t Be Afraid To Explore Public Benefits

There are a number of free and low-cost services that can help family caregivers with ongoing care-giving tasks. Taking advantage of these resources early on will often lead to greater financial stability in future years, when more pressing senior needs arise. The National Association of Area Agencies on Aging offers comprehensive lists of public resources for seniors based upon geographic location.

Consider the Advantages of Home Care Services

Rather than sacrificing your job or putting your career on hold, consider the benefits of working with home care companies and respite care services. These things can make maintaining a full or part-time job feasible, despite your commitment to caring for a loved one. When considering the costs of this third-party support, make sure to account for the missed wages and lost professional opportunities that you might face if opting to go it alone.

Take Steps to Keep Your Senior Loved One Active

Keeping seniors active is a great way to enhance their life qualities and promote longevity. It also limits the likelihood of aging adults becoming entirely dependent as the result of declining memory and cognitive functioning. Seniors who maintain balanced and active senior lifestyles in California, Oregon, Washington or elsewhere, tend to age at a far less rapid rate than those who do not. Thus, the best strategy for limiting you caregiver duties is to establish a healthy and balanced schedule for your elderly relative that is rich with challenging and engaging activities. This schedule can include dance or aerobics classes at a local senior center, participation in a volunteer program at a community food bank or involvement in book clubs and knitting clubs among other things.

Conduct Long-Term Planning Early On

Seniors who tackle the often daunting task of long-term planning early on, often have the greatest say in how the later stages of their lives turn out. Sadly, far too many people wait until they’re already facing age-related, degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s before putting their wishes in writing. In a recent study conducted by Genworth Financial, 90 percent of survey participants said that they had yet to discuss their long-term care needs with their spouses, adult children or other family members. If mobility, memory, or cognition undergo any significant decline before these plans are complete, many of the most important legal, financial and medical decisions will have to be handled by the state. According to the Administration on Aging, nearly 70 percent of all people will need specialized, long-term care at some point in their lives. Thus, in addition to living wills and Power of Attorney, aging adults should also have clearly defined financial plans that detail how the costs of these services will be paid.

With diligent planning, you can enjoy more time with your elderly loved one while experiencing far less financial stress. Even the best of intentions won’t ensure success in your new role as family caregiver. Only a solid financial plan is capable of ensuring that things flow smoothly over the years and throughout the many challenges that these bring.

Better Together: How to Improve the Quality of Your Family Time

is probably at the top of your priority list. For many people, family is the most important and enduring thing in their lives. But it can often be difficult to stay connected and maintain those very important relationships. Life gets in the way, we get busy, little kids take up a lot of time and energy, and older kids grow apart from their families. So what can we do to stay connected with family?
Schedule Family Time

With how busy life can get, being spontaneous is not always an option. If we don’t schedule time for things, those things will probably not happen. We schedule work, we schedule meetings, we schedule extra-curricular activities for the kids, but often don’t pencil in quality family time. Make it a point to schedule a few nights a week when your immediate family has a meal together. Schedule once or twice a month when you can have a meal with your extended family. Schedule an annual family vacation or reunion. Or, if you have a lot of distance between family members, schedule regular phone calls or video calls.
Use Technology…

Emailing, texting, or using social media sites are the main form of communication of many age groups now. Often it is the only way you will get a response from some age groups. If you are not connected in these ways, make an effort to get connected. There are lots of programs and apps that can make it very easy for people to learn and understand how to get connected with technology. This is also a fantastic opportunity to get some of the younger members involved with the older members of your family. Teens are usually great with technology and can easily get older family members connected. Once set up, it can be much easier for family members to chat spontaneously and more often.
…But Not Excessively

Technology can be great, but it can’t be the only way you connect with each other. Make sure when you and your family members are able to be face to face, that you are communicating that way. Put the phones and tablets away and talk to each other. Get outside to do different activities together, or stay in and learn from each other. Cooking, gardening, woodworking, and crafting are all great ways for family members of all ages to connect and interact with each other.
Share Stories

Families connect with stories all the time. It’s how we learn about our history, learn about each other, and laugh together. Encourage younger members to tell stories about what’s going on in their lives, and encourage their older family members to tell them stories about their lives. A senior care expert with an online master’s in aging says stories are a great way for different generations to discover similarities with one another.

“I sustain myself with the love of family,” Maya Angelou explained how incredibly powerful and important the love of family is with this quote. Keep that love and connection a priority in your life by intentionally connecting with family members of all ages.

Family Fitness: Stay Active All Spring

Don’t let the kids have all of the fun out in the sun, hunting for Easter eggs, jumping in puddles, and playing games with their siblings and friends this spring! Get out of the house and enjoy the good weather with them for a little bit of family fitness, and a whole lot of family fun. After a long and cold winter, you know you deserve a little outdoor time too.

Stay Active & Healthy Daily

Dust Off Your Bike

The weather is warmer now, so it’s time to say goodbye to taking short trips by car. Instead dust off your bikes and saddle up for an afternoon adventure. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running errands, headed to work or school, or meeting up with friends; if it’s within a three to five mile radius, ditch the gas gussler and opt for wind in your hair and sun on your skin as you bike your way there instead. Pack up some food and anything you may need for the day in your ISOPack, strap it on your back, and pedal away. No matter where this spring takes you, make sure that you and your family avoid motored machines as forms of transportation to get there. Read more ways to be active in your everyday life here.

Frequent The Farmers Market

We’ll give you a pass for buying your fruits, vegetables, and meats at a grocery store for the past few months, since it may have been a little too chilly to venture outside of temperature controlled buildings. Now that the days are longer and the temperatures are rising though, it’s time to get out to your local farmers market. You aren’t going to find fresher and higher quality produce and meats at a better price than you will at a farmers market. Once you have tasted the difference, you will agree that it is more than worth it to wake up a little early on the weekends, to keep your family eating healthy foods that they’ll love. If you’re lucky and the farmers market is close enough to your house, bike over for a little extra family fitness. Pack up your purchases in your ISOBag to ensure that they stay cold and fresh during the ride back home.

Plant A Vegetable Garden

Sure, flowers are fun to watch grow, and pretty to look at, but vegetables add the value of practicality, which so many of us need when we invest our time into something new. Get your kids involved in the process too for a little lesson on healthy foods and family fitness that will last them a lifetime. When you plant and maintain your own vegetable garden you are investing time into the future reward of being able to eat naturally grown, fresh, GMO free foods, for a fraction of the cost of any grocery store or farmers market. Make sure that you’re harvesting your vegetables at the peak of freshness for optimal flavor and nutrients.

Break Out The Grill

The grill gets a lot of great press in the summer, but spring time meals cooked over an open flame are just as delicious as those cooked in the summer, and the flame isn’t nearly as brutal to be near when the temperature is just a little bit lower. Making sure that your family is eating well all year long, is just as important as making sure that they are maintaining appropriate levels of physical activities. Of course, the grill isn’t just for juicy steaks, or smoky burgers, although learning how to use the grill as a meat smoker was life altering. Switch up your dinner plans or weekly meal prep with grilled sweet potatoes, vegetables, or even fruits. If you have any left overs, use your colorful meal prep containers to help keep them organized for future consumption. Learn more about how to use your grill for multipurpose cooking with our Guide To Becoming a Grill Master.

Stay Active & Healthy On The Weekends

Challenge The Neighbors

Unless you’ve got a family that could rival the Dugger’s in size, you’ll probably need to invite another family or two into your active family game nights. While other families sit inside around a table playing cards and board games, or putting puzzles together, encourage some family fitness on your block by challenging your neighbors to a friendly softball, soccer, football, street hockey, or basketball game. You can even create weekend tournaments if enough families are willing to join. Kids are likely to play pick up versions of these games together anyway, so why not add in a few parents and other adults, and some structured game rules, and make a night of it? On exceptionally hot days, try water balloon dodgeball or water balloon tag, as unique and refreshing twists on two classics.

Play With Chalk

If your kids are young enough to still enjoy coloring on every surface, then take them outside for a little sidewalk chalk fun. While this is a great activity for the reserved artistic child, it can also be a great way for active kids to release a little pent up energy. While hopscotch is a classic, you can also play 4 square, or draw chalk mazes to run, skip, scooter, or bike through. One of my all time favorites though is taking twister outside, by drawing your own twister board in chalk and playing in the driveway. It’s best to make sure that only older kids and adults participate in this game though, as losing your balance and falling on asphalt can be a little more dangerous than other chalk options.

Go Fly A Kite

No we aren’t trying to get rid of you. Flying a kite is actually a great way to incorporate family fitness into your weekend activities, especially when the wind picks up, making it harder to engage in other activities. Since you’ll probably have to go to a local park or field to have enough room to fly your kite, be sure to pack up a healthy picnic lunch for everyone. As long as you have a nice windy day, once you get the kite up into the air it is unlikely that you’ll have to move around much, however it is possible to you’ll want to (especially if you invest in a trick kite). The main movements while flying a kite occur before the kite really gets soaring, while you’re still running through the wind and trying to get it airborne. Additional running may be needed if the kite starts to plummet quickly due to a lack of breeze.

Tap Into Your Inner Child

When you start thinking like a child, you begin to see fun around every corner and you stop thinking about the amount of reps you have to do to see results, or how far and fast you’ll have to run to burn off enough calories for the day. Many adults go to the playground with their children and sit and watch as their kids run around and play, or they take that time to use the park’s outdoor fitness equipment for their own physical benefits, but rarely do they just play. By engaging in play rather than regimented fitness plans, you eliminate the element of “have to” and instead replace it with “want to” which is a much more powerful motivator.

Take A Day Trip

It doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you get out of your house and go. You could go to the beach to catch some waves, or to the woods for an adventurous hike, or even to an amusement park, and all of these places offer one major plus that your home likely doesn’t. They offer wide open spaces, to explore, roam, and move without electronics or other everyday distractions. Taking the entire day to get away from home, and your normal routine encourages you to be more physically active than you might otherwise be, no matter how good of intentions you have. To avoid spending extra money on food while you’re out for the day, use your ISOBag to pack enough food for the whole family. Add a little excitement to your family fitness day trip by trying out a new activity like kayaking, surfing, horseback riding, or even rock climbing.